Applicants: Album launch on Friday (4th June) @ Buffalo Bar
posted 03 Jun 2010

Applicants celebrate the release of their most spiffy second album 'Escape From Kraken Castle' tomorrow (Friday 4th June) at Buffalo Bar in Highbury. They're on at 9pm, so come down early and stick around for Indieokie action (featuring Fidel) at Mutton Club, which will also be lots and lots of fun.

The lovely folks at NME have just awarded the album 8/10, saying "We can't help but think, just maybe, they might just be total bona fide geniuses."

You can stream the whole album here on the Tigertrap website by clicking the Applicants link and pre-order the CD from our spangly new online store.

Applicants: 'Escape From Kraken Castle' album due for release on 7th June
posted 24 May 2010

London noiseniks Applicants release 'Escape From Kraken Castle' through Tigertrap Records on 7th June 2010 on CD and digital formats. It is now available to pre-order in our online store.

This second album expands on debut ‘Life In The Bus Lane’, adding live drummer Adam Boult and ratcheting up the volume levels yet another gear. Rammed with pop hooks to irritate indier-than-thou hipsters and eardrum-blitzing noise to terrify the pop kids, ‘Escape From Kraken Castle’ is an unrelenting, unapologetic punk rock tour de force that laughs in the face of musical etiquette. The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Schoolchildren Of Japan
2. Evelyn Waugh
3. Cold War In Reverse
4. Tesco Metro Disco
5. Crash Mat
6. Robert Mugabe
7. They Wrote Gone Fishing On His Grave
8. Obey eBay
9. Since Porn Took Over The World
10. Treble 20
11. The Darien
12. Packing Up

You can stream the whole album at SoundCloud now. We've had a couple of reviews in so far, so here's what folks have been saying:

"It's abrasive, it's energetic and there are plenty of choruses to shout along to" - ROCK SOUND

"Applicants dredge influences from colourful surrealist noise rockers Melt-Banana to GameBoy noises and moustachioed African dictators" - 7/10 - LOUD & QUIET

Go see them at one of these upcoming dates:

28th May @ Ryan's Bar, LONDON
29th May @ The Windmill, LONDON (Brainlove Records Alldayer)
4th Jun @ Buffalo Bar, LONDON (Album Launch Party!)
14th Jun @ Alchemy, WOLVERHAMPTON
10th Jul @ Buffalo Bar, LONDON
8th Aug @ A Boat on the Thames, LONDON

Gum Takes Tooth: 'Young Mustard' / 'Lofty Thatch' single out today
posted 23 May 2010

The quite literally amazing debut single from Gum Takes Tooth is released today on 7" each with individual screen-printed poster sleeves. The vinyl features 'Young Mustard' and 'Lofty Thatch' and is available from our friends at ADAADAT right here.

Check out the live section to see upcoming shows from the band, including a spot at Glastonbury Festival. The band's triangle-shaped vinyl single is taking shape nicely (no pun intended) and promises to have some pretty incredible artwork. More details to follow on that and their debut album sooooon.

Mock Orange: 'Song In D' features in trailer for 'The Vicious Kind'
posted 07 Dec 2009

Mock Orange's 'Song In D' soundtracks the trailer for upcoming film 'The Vicious Kind', starring Adam Scott and Britany Snow. The feature has already picked up awards for Best Feature at the New Orleans Film Festival, Best Performance at Sidewalk and Best Actor at Strasbourg, and is an official selection for Sundance 2009. Check out the trailer here:

Wojtek Godzisz: Digital EP released today + Borderline show
posted 09 Nov 2009

Wojtek Godzisz releases his digital EP 'ROSETTE NEBULA' today. It features four non-LP tracks from the album sessions. You can preview them free HERE at and purchase them on iTunes and other digital stores.

1. Rosette Nebula
2. I Will Give You Nothing [new version]
3. No Place Like Home
4. Lies
5. Discord

He's also playing live with the mighty CIRCULUS at The Borderline in London this Thursday (12th November). Get advance tickets from We Got Tickets or See Tickets.

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